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Unarmed Security Officers

Top Guard Security
Williamsburg, VA Contract
Posted on July 21, 2018

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Job Skills / Requirements

Position Summary 

Responsible to secure client facilities and protect client’s employees, customers, tenants, and property from harm, theft, illegal actions, and other negative events. 

Major Duties and Responsibilities 

o Secure client’s facility, property, vehicles, or other identified areas from unauthorized access, unwanted trespass of persons, damage, loss from fire or storm, internal system failure, such as water pipes, electrical of HVAC failure, or other negative outcome. 
o Monitor facility and property doors, windows, gates, docks, etc. in person and/or through security alarm system and video surveillance. This may also include fire alarm systems, video systems, facility maintenance alarms or other security, safety or monitoring systems as required by the client. 
o Protect client’s employees, customers, tenants, visitors, property, etc. from harm, theft, violence, damage or loss through appropriate control and handling of situations. 
o Create the perception by client and others of respect and trust in the Security Officer. 
o Greet and screen persons reporting to work or visiting client’s premises. Instruct persons as per site requirements. 
o Investigate unusual occurrences or reports of security violations with urgency and good problem solving manner and process. Document information and contact appropriate persons. 
o Report to or notify supervisor, company management, and client of all actions and/or log shift activities, as per company requirements. 
o Stop, deter, or thwart actions by persons to damage, steal client’s property, or conduct illegal activities within reasonable concern for personal safety and company policy. 
o Contact emergency services, such as police, fire, ambulance, etc. with urgency and provide accurate and coherent information to support their response and resolution of the situation. Contact appropriate Top Guard and client representatives. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 

o Knowledge of DCJS requirements and industry standards. 
o Skill in safe, effective and accurate handgun use, if armed registered. 
o Skill in generating trust and respect from clients, co-workers and the community. 
o Skill in observing and noticing unusual circumstances or items which would reasonably suggest a problem. 
o Skill in observing people to detect evasiveness, suspicious actions or statements, hidden items in clothing, overt acts of aggression or challenge, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
o Ability to verbally communicate in a manner that is heard and clearly understood. 
o Ability to read sufficiently to understand procedure manuals and basic written instructions. 
o Ability to write clearly the necessary information from an incident or investigation to convey full meaning and actions. 
o Ability to verbally diffuse situations and effectively resolve issues. 

Physical Demands 

o Stand for extended periods of time, up to a full 8 hour shift. 
o Walk for extended periods of time. 
o Sit for extended periods of time. 
o Kneel, squat and bend occasionally. 
o Use hands to clearly write information on reports, grasp writing utensils, keys, knobs and levers. 
o Use of one hand to input data effectively into a computer and set alarm systems. 
o Use of two hands to support clip board, lift, grasp, secure doors, gates, locks, windows, etc. 
o Occasionally lift up to 50 pounds. 
o Push/pull up to 50 pounds, such as doors, gates, overhead loading dock doors, clear blocked exits, etc. 
o Occasionally raise arms overhead. 
o Able to endure cold and hot weather for extended periods of time, to a full 8 hour shift. 
o See, understand, and focus clearly on telephone panel, computer screen, TV monitor, with/without correction. 
o See clearly a minimum of 50 yards away, with/without correction. 
o May be required to regularly get in and out of a vehicle. 
o Hear and understand normal voice level sounds or background sounds, with/without correction. 
o Speak audibly, clearly and understandable in order to have information understood or to contact authorities.

Equal opportunity employer/Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran.